Monday, 30 August 2010

More than hungry UK jobseekers seem to be thirsty for a job

According to a survey carried out by HireScores, UK jobseekers would definitely love working for an American organisation and, in particular, for the Cola-Cola Company, which noticeably stand clear at the top of the “dream employer” table.

A large number of respondents also showed a considerable interest for British companies, in particular for Virgin and British Airways.

The research, carried out amongst 1,326 Brits jobseekers, was mainly aiming to determine which company would be considered by respondents their dream work place.

According to the responses given by the panellists the top 10 most desirable companies are:

Rank Organisation Preference

1 Coca-Cola 76%

2 Microsoft 69%

3 Google 66%

4 Apple 61%

5 Virgin 57%

6 Vogue 54%

7 Facebook 51%

8 Disney 48%

9 Craft-food 44%

10 British Airways 41%

Of the considerable large number of people indicating the Coca-Cola Company as the best place to work, 23% admitted that it was for the “freebies”, whilst 42% claimed that the salary offered by the company was the main reason for expressing their preference for the soft-drink organisation.

According to the justifications provided by respondents to support their choices, it also emerges that many of them gave their answer on the basis of assumptions, rather than of a real knowledge of the working environment and conditions.

In fact, amongst those ones who, for instance, expressed their preference to work for Walt Disney, 34% stated that they were supposed it will have a fun atmosphere, whilst 28% unveiled that it had just been a childhood dream, rather than a current one.

At the question “Do you think you will ever achieve your dream job in your dream company?” a measly 16% answered “yes”, 38% admitted that it was just a fantasy, whilst 21% considered it “unachievable”.

According to the findings of the survey, women are much more likely than men to accept a job offer abroad. In particular, 56% of women claimed that their dream job would be abroad, whilst just 39% of men respondents said that their dream job would be out of the UK.