Change Management

The Different Levels of Intervention in Change Management

Change Management, Project Management and Risk Management (for HR): Complementary or Mutually Exclusive?

The scale and pace of change: radical or incremental – rapid or gradual?

Instilling a sense of crisis – Crisis v Urgency in change management

Is Lewin’s change management model still valid?

Manipulation and instilling a sense of urgency: do they really contribute to make the process of change smooth sailing?

The importance of people and context in change management

How to assess change feasibility

Change Management: is it areal need or just a fad?

Strategy and Corporate Culture

HR Strategy between myth and reality

The role played by HR in corporate culture

How corporate culture supports strategy execution

The Basic Pillars Underpinning Organizational Success

Advancing a model for innovation pervading corporate culture

Embedding innovation into organizational culture

Who develops, shapes and controls organizational culture?

Strategy: good, consistent, effective, winning or sustainable?

Using metaphors to explain and shape organizational culture

Does culture eats strategy for breakfast?

Investigating organizational culture

Can organizational culture be measured?

Main differences between organisational culture and organisational climate

Organizational culture v Business strategy - How v What

The role played by Line Managers in strategy execution

Strategy: Quality Vs Execution

The importance of identifying the best fit between organizational structure and strategy

Explicit or emergent strategy: Should be corporate and HR strategy planned or piecemeal?


Reward: attraction vs retention

Are flexible and voluntary benefits schemes worth the costs and efforts they require to be designed and implemented?

Topics, Practices and Trends

Has The Adage “Employees Leave Their Managers And Not Their Employers” Ever Held True?

From Recruitment to Succesion Planning A Constructive Approach to Human Capital Development

HR: the ever-changing function?

The End of HRM Models as We Know These

Talent Management and Employee Retention, why you need them both

Sometimes employees leave their employers not their managers

At times the real problem is when employees stay, not when they leave

Who to value the most: past achievers or potential future performers?

How to develop career planning programmes

Leadership and Management

How Situational is Situational Leadership?

Leadership and management, how different are these?

Metaphor as a leadership enhancer and persuasive communication tool